Monday, September 27, 2021

Banned Books Week

We Read Banned Books
 This week libraries across the United States are recognizing "Banned Books Week".

Banned books week began in the 1980s after the Supreme Court ruled that school officials cannot ban books from libraries because of content in the Island Trees School District v. Pico (1982) case. While this ruling has stood, there are still books that are challenged and banned. Even in the event of banned books, the majority are still widely available.

One might ask why a book would by challenged or banned. We do have freedom of speech , don't we? We do, but sometimes that freedom is challenged. This is why the American Libraries Association Office of Intellectual Freedom exists. On an individual basis there may be books that come into question on their content because of viewpoints and bias, with freedom of speech and intellectual freedom we must realize that everyone has a right to create content as well as the right to consume that content. 

Reasons for challenges
There are many reasons that a book may be challenged. Often the reasons come down to viewpoint or changes in society. There are many books that are considered classics that have been put on the list because what was accepted when the book was written, is no longer accepted in society.  These topics are often religious point of view, racism, prejudice, violence, political point of view, language, sexual themes, and others.
Here at the Jennie Woodworth Library, our goal when we purchase books is to provide content for our community. We believe in intellectual freedom. Libraries are meant to be a place of knowledge and research with information from all points of view. We encourage our patrons and their families to use our online catalog to search for books they are interested in. We have added the subject "Banned and Challenged List" to the books we have that are on the lists. We know often when people are reminded about banned books that it peaks their curiosity.

Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2020

You may view the entire Banned and Challenged Books List for 2020 here.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Wait? It is September already? -- August Stats

It is difficult to believe that it is September already (and a third of the way through!).

We started accepting applications for the Jennie’s Christmas Mercantile that will be December 11. You can get all the information at Jennie's Christmas Mercantile.  We do still have openings. To remind everyone that your application is only part of the process. Payment is required to confirm your spot. We are excited for the 2021 Christmas mercantile. We love seeing our community come together!

For August we welcomed 10 new patrons to our library. Those patrons are included in the 275 visits that we had through out the month. While our patrons explored our library, we had 239 items checked out. This included:

               Books                   152                      

               DVD                     19                        

               Computers            68                        

Aside from our community visiting us in person, we also have had visits to our website ( and our catalog (

               Catalog Visits     2478

               Website Visits    6048

*visits are just that, a visit to the web URL.