Monday, June 1, 2020

Jennie Woodworth Library COVID-19 Guidelines updated June 1

Our goal is to ensure as safe of an environment as possible while library services resume. We want both the patrons and staff to know they are valued. We will evaluate these guidelines weekly as we progress.

1.                     Access to the library will be limited to 10 patrons at a time. Patrons are expected to follow social distance requirements of 6 feet apart.
2.                     Library staff will control access to the library on a first come, first serve basis. Staff reserves the right to deny access to patrons who appear to be sick, i.e. coughing, sneezing, etc.
3.                    Patrons are encouraged to wash their hands before entering the library. Wearing masks is optional.
4.                    Computer time is limited to 1 hour. After each patron is finished with using the computer, the computer will be wiped/sprayed down with disinfectant. Children's computers will be put away for now and not used.
5.                    Materials are to be returned to the box that is at the circulation desk.  Each returned item will be disinfected and quarantined a minimum of 24 hours before being available for checkout.
6.                    While following the physical distancing requirements, patrons will be allowed to study and use the free wi-fi service available throughout the building.
7.                    Staff will not be able to provide one on one technology assistance at this time due to social distancing. Staff will remain at the circulation desk during hours of operation, if a patron needs assistance they are to come to the desk and request what they need.
8.                    No library programs other than passive programs will be available at this time.
9.                    We will return to our normal operating hours with the request that the vulnerable and elderly exclusively use the library from 10-12 Monday – Saturday. All patrons may use the library from 12 until close. (Monday & Thursday 10-6, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 10-5, and Saturday 10-2)
10.               Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected regularly.

We will maintain updated guidelines posted on the door of the Jennie Woodworth Library and the front door of the Bibb-White Bluff Civic Center as well as on our Blog and Facebook.

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