Monday, September 21, 2020

Thank you Mr. J!

The DVD and CD-Book section has needed a little bit of attention for a while. We found that our DVDs were getting a little on the crowded side. Barring depleting our selection, the ideal situation would be to replace or expand our shelving. We aren't really in a place to buy new shelving units.

Mr. J and Brenda installing shelvesThis is where Mr. J comes in. The existing bookcases that the DVDs and CD-Books are in were measured and it was determined that we could easily add 4 shelves to the existing units to allow room for growth.

Mr. J enlisted our help and installed 4 new shelves to the DVD and CD-Books bookcases. This gives us much room to add to the collection.

We want to make sure that Mr. J as well as all of our volunteers and supporters know that we appreciate them immensely. If it weren't for community members like you, our library would not be what it is today.

Our library was founded on the community's desire of having the resource and services available to our town. We have grown immensely and want to continue doing so.

And, YES, we are accepting donations of DVDs and CD-Books.

DVD shelves     DVD and CD-Book Shelves

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