Monday, October 5, 2020

Costume Contest!

Submissions accepted until October 24, 2020.

Submissions can be sent to us via Facebook Messenger or dropped off at the library. Child’s name and age is to be included.
Submissions are a photo of a juvenile patron in their Halloween costume. Juvenile must be a patron of the Jennie Woodworth Library in good standing. Costumes are to be modest, nothing racy.

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Age groups for the contest are:

  •        Birth thru 4 years of age
  •        5 / 6
  •        7 / 8
  •        9 / 10
  •        11 thru 13
  •        14 thru 18

Our prizes will be:

  •        Pull Along Book Caddy w/ 4 board books and small stuffed toy (b-4)
  •        Funko Pop – Squirtle (5/6)
  •        Baseball Collectors Kit (7/8)
  •        Pok√©mon Card Game Kit (9/10)
  •        Skittermander Gamer Pouch (11-13)
  •        $10 Gift Card to Sweet T’s (14-18)


Participant must be a patron of the Jennie Woodworth Library in good standing. Good standing means no overdue books and no outstanding fines. Please note that it is free to get a library card at JWL and $2 to replace a lost library card.
By entering our contest, you are giving us permission to use your photos in online promotion and in the contest.


Photos will be posted on the Jennie Woodworth Library Facebook page in albums. Each album will be labeled with the age group on it. Albums will be posted October 25, 2020. The image with the most likes in the album at noon on October 31, 2020 is the winner. Announcement will be made at 1 pm October 31.


 * This contest is being run on our Jennie Woodworth Library Facebook Page. All entries will be submitted in person or by way of Facebook Messenger. Winners will be decided by people "liking" the photos.

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