Tuesday, December 1, 2020

We've made it to December!

 Snow flurries on Monday have put us in the mood for the season! So here we go!


Take and Make craft kits for the month of December
This month we have 6, yes 6! Take and Make crafts. They will be available on the date listed in the graphic until they are gone. We are able to provide the Take and Make Crafts because of donations from our patrons and the community.

We would love to see the results of the craft so make sure when you are done to share and tag #JWLwhitebluff


In all of the hustle last month, we failed to post our numbers of visitors and circulation. So, we will do that now.


  • Visitors in the month of October 259.
  • Patrons using online services 2.
  • 16 new patrons to JWL.
  • We had 201 books checked out.
  • 2 CD-Books borrowed.
  • Patrons borrowed 20 movies.
  • The computers were used 36 times.
  • We were closed 1 day for Veteran's Day.


  • Visitors in the month of November 186.
  • Patrons using online services 5.
  • 10 new patrons to JWL.
  • We had 201 books checked out.
  • 5 CD-Books borrowed.
  • Patrons borrowed 26 movies.
  • The computers were used 38 times.
  • We were closed 3 days for Thanksgiving Day weekend.

As part of the Town of White Bluff, we are abiding by the requirements that have been declared. You can see the full disclosure at COVID-19 effective immediately. Face coverings are required. Materials are in quarantine for 72 hours once they are returned.

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