Wednesday, November 3, 2021

October has left the building.

October has come and gone. This year really is going by rather quickly.

We are offering a DEAL on our book sale. $5 for a grocery bag full of paperback books. Proceeds will go to benefit the library. We will also be having a fundraiser coming up soon. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Glow in the dark slap bracelets from Dickson Insurance Agency
We want to thank Dickson Insurance Agency for donating glow in the dark slap bracelets for the kids as they stopped by for the trick or treat season. They were an absolute hit!

We are very grateful for community support to our library. We always pass the support on to our patrons. We are all in this together.

Visit from the Good Witch
In addition to the slap bracelets being donated, the Jennie Woodworth Library was visited by the Good Witch. She was honored to be visited by so many wonderful adults and children. The Good Witch happily gave out treat bags to the children that visited her the last week of October.

During the month of October, we rearranged some things in our library. We have removed the paperback section. We will no longer hold mass market paperback books. These books are the ones that get damaged the quickest and are smaller. We DO still have the larger paperback books that are shelved with the rest of the books. We then moved our classic section to the corner that paperback was in. This will be the corner right by the door when you come in.

Other movements in the library include our Large Print books getting a full section that they no longer share. (They were sharing with the new books.) We also moved the NEW books to where the classics had been. This gives us just a bit more room to feature the books that we have purchased in the last twelve months. Next time you come in and ask us, we will be glad to show you around.

And now for our stats in the month of October.

children in library
We welcomed 11 new patrons. We added 68 items to our catalog. 12 of those were purchased and 56 were donated. (Y'all should really check out our DVDs.) While we had 245 visits from our community, 211 items were checked out.

  • 121 Books
  • 43 DVDs
  • 47 Computers
We also had the following traffic on our website:

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