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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Read Across White Bluff...

 March is national reading month and we at Jennie Woodworth Library are all about reading! How about you?


Read Across White Bluff Winners

From March 8th until March 31st, YOU have a chance to WIN a $10 gift card to Sweet T’s. We will have three gift cards up for grabs, are you interested in how you can get one?

Prizes –

               $10 Gift card for one blessed Adult (over 18)

               $10 Gift card for one fortunate Teen (13-18)

               $10 Gift card for one sweet child (12 and under)

How do you win?

From March 8-31 every time your check out includes a BOOK you can submit your check out receipt with your age and phone number on the back of it for entry. The more entries you have, the more likely you are to win. One entry per person per day.

Who is eligible?

Patrons in good standing with the Jennie Woodworth Library are eligible.

How do we learn we won?

On April 1st we will call the winners. Once the winners have been notified, we will post to social media and update our website post.

Sound sweet? Let’s get reading!

Here at JWL we believe in supporting local businesses when possible. We would love to partner with local businesses to encourage our patrons to visit and support them as well.