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Thursday, September 17, 2020

TriStar Reads and the Jennie Woodworth Library

 White Bluff readers are awesome!

This summer while our programs were canceled to limit exposure to C19, TriStar Reads offered its FREE online Summer Reading Program.

The Jennie Woodworth Library participated in this program to encourage reading. Students had the opportunity to record their hours in reading for the chance at a prize from Tennesseans for Student Success. The program was available for students K-12 and each bracket (k-5, 6-8, and 9-12) a prize for the student that reads the most.

Students and/or their parents signup and logged their hours May 1 through September 7, 2020. (We will be participating again in 2021.)

In addition, teams were able to be formed and at the end of the summer, those teams were awarded a monetary donation based on their readers. The team for the Jennie Woodworth Library is JWL

We are excited to share that the Jennie Woodworth Library received a donation of $230. We will be using that money to further supplement our juvenile nonfiction books.

This donation would not have happened if it were not for our patrons. Thank you, thank you VERY much!

TriStar Reads will have the Summer Reading Program in 2021 as well and you can signup at make sure to use JWL as your team name so you can support your community library! Go ahead and signup now so that you can receive information via email. The program begins May 1, 2021.

We also would like to send our heartfelt appreciation to Mayor Linda Hayes. Linda is an amazing advocate of literacy for all ages. She has always supported the growth and reach of our library.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

JWL Summer Reading Program

As we struggle to find a new normal, we have decided to go in a different direction with our summer reading program this year.

We will start signups for the Jennie Woodworth Library Reading Program at the library now.

We also have an opportunity to work with Tristar Reads. Tristar Reads is a reading program that encourages students K-12 to read at least 20 minutes a day.

Tristar Reads has the opportunity for students to earn a $1000 scholarship when they sign up. In addition, when our patrons and kids sign up and put JWL as the referral, we become eligible for a donation up to $1500 from Tennesseans for Student Success and Tristar Reads

How are we going to do this? I am so glad you asked.

To sign up for Tristar Reads, simply CLICK HERE

When you sign up, PLEASE make sure to include JWL in the Referral Team Leader/Team Name box. (It is circled and highlighted in the image.) Every sign up through our link helps us. So please, sign up through our link and include JWL in the referral.

This year we will have a reading log of how many books you have read. As our summer readers meet their goals, we will have incentives.

The Reading Program is focused on young people 5-14.

As stated earlier, sign ups begin now. Our reading program ends July 31st. We will receive reading logs for prizes August 3rd until August 15th.


There will be a reading log available upon signup. Reading log is to be used for keeping track of books read. There will be incentives for completing the reading log. (We will accept the reading log from Tristar Reads as well.)

Also, we will have rewards for those that have read the most books checked out from Jennie Woodworth Library. There will be a bucket for you to submit your checkout receipt.
  • Reader must be a library card holder with the Jennie Woodworth Library.
    • Card holder must be in good standing to qualify for incentives and rewards.
    • Library cards are free, they require parents contact information and signature.
    • Contact Information must be current and accurate.
  • Reader will receive one reading log when they sign up.
  • Verification will be based on checkout records.
To be clear, you do not have to join Tristar Reads to participate in our reading program, it is an added incentive to encourage your students to read as well as benefit your local library.

We are still working on the incentives but will update as soon as possible. If local sponsors would like to step up, we would appreciate it.

We would also love to do video/live story time and craft times, we are looking for volunteers with that as well. (Really flexible with this, please just contact me.)