Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Jennie's Christmas Mercantile Announcement

 I know this is an announcement that many have been waiting for.

2020 is the year, huh?

I was really hoping that we would be able to pull this off. I know how important the vendor fairs are for the vendors as well as shoppers. Over the last couple of years, the Christmas Mercantile has also become our biggest fundraiser for the library.

Unfortunately, we will not be doing the Christmas Mercantile this year. This decision is not an easy one. We, the Jennie Woodworth Library, believe that keeping the community healthy is of the most importance. Having a large crowd in a closed-in
space is risky when it comes to any illness. This is especially true with an illness like COVID-19 which is still being researched and studied on how best to treat it.

We encourage our vendors to post their contact information so that the community can still support them. Our small businesses are hurting this year. Support them as you are able.

JWL will be planning fundraisers to help support our programs here at our community founded and supported library.

Remember that you can support JWL any time of the year and we appreciate that.

As far as having the mercantile in the future? We will.


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  2. I was hoping to join you this year as a vendor. If you don't already have LIlla Rose hair accessories, please send me information for next year's show. I'd love to save the date now. Kindly, Kim Stone

    1. Kim, as soon as we have the information for 2021 we will get it to you.