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Friday, February 11, 2022

Fundraiser Update

January was a month that went by quickly. We had snow and ice, that is beautiful to look at from the cozy seat by the window while reading a good book. (We might be bias.)

Hopefully January was good for you.

Fundraiser Update

In January, we updated the status of our fundraiser for a new shelving unit to add to our collection. Our children's room is full. Our desire is to move the Young Adult books out of the children's room and into the general collection room. This will give the children's room the ability for growth.

Fundraiser chart
On December 3 of the needed $2000 for on shelving unit we had $750.

On January 4 of the needed $2000 we had $1025.

Today, February 11 at the time of writing we are sitting at $1743. We are almost there.

These new shelves are metal library shelves from Tennsco. They will replace the wooden shelves that are currently holding our biography section. We will then move the wooden shelves to the 'floor' where the biography section will be moved to. We believe in being good stewards of what the community has entrusted us with.

As a reminder, the Jennie Woodworth Library is a community and volunteer built library. We are able to operate because of community support. You support this library by visiting, making purchases in our books sale, donations, and word of mouth. We appreciate all of our patrons and supporters through the years and ongoing. 

UPDATE -- as of 2:30pm February 11 we have reached the goal to purchase one shelving unit. Thank you all so very much. (We will still accept donations. There is plenty of need at our little library.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Fundraiser Update

 It seems like just yesterday we were at the beginning of 2021, yet here we are. January 4th of 2022 already.

Shelving Fundraiser Update

Our fundraiser is well on it's way! We are currently at $1025 of the needed $2000 for the first set of shelves. That is over half way, let's do this! We believe that our community will come together and get this taken care of.

As a reminder, the new shelving will allow us to move the Young Adult Books out of the Children's Room giving room for expansion there, plus because the shelves allow more books than the existing wooden shelves we will have additional room added with that as well. 

We can not wait to get this need met.

If you would like to donate to the library shelving or just to the library, you can stop by the library with cash or check. Town Hall will also accept donations for the library. 

We do have the option of making Memorial Donations in honor or memory of someone. Please contact the library for more information concerning this.


Make sure to come by the library for our used book sale. All proceeds of the sale will go to the shelving fund. We will be putting hardback books out soon.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Fundraiser for New Shelves

 A sure sign that our little library is growing is the need for new shelves. 

We have tried to hold off as long as we could, but we can not wait anymore. We need to shift some books around and in order to do that we need to purchase at least one new section of shelving. With the costs of manufacturing prices going up, our goal is to cover one section of shelves to alleviate the immediate need even though we would love to be able to do two.

Young Adult Book Shelves
YA Section in Children's Room
Goal: $2000        

As of 12/1/2021, we have $750 towards the goal. We just need $1250 more.

The new shelving unit will allow us to move the Young Adult books out of the Children's Room and make more room for our growing selection in there. It will also bring the books meant for older teens and young adults into the main area of the library.

The new shelves will replace the Biography section and we will move those wooden shelves to the free-standing shelves. This will increase shelf space so that we not only move the Young Adult books out of the children's room but provide extra room all around.

How can you help? I am so glad you asked. 

  • You can drop off a check at the Town Hall of White Bluff and mark it for Jennie Woodworth Library Shelves. 
  • You can make a donation at the library, we can take cash or check. 
  • You can support fundraising endeavors.

Can you help?

P.S. We would love to be able to purchase both sections of shelves to give room to grow! That goal would be a total of $4000.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Jennie's Christmas Mercantile Announcement

 I know this is an announcement that many have been waiting for.

2020 is the year, huh?

I was really hoping that we would be able to pull this off. I know how important the vendor fairs are for the vendors as well as shoppers. Over the last couple of years, the Christmas Mercantile has also become our biggest fundraiser for the library.

Unfortunately, we will not be doing the Christmas Mercantile this year. This decision is not an easy one. We, the Jennie Woodworth Library, believe that keeping the community healthy is of the most importance. Having a large crowd in a closed-in
space is risky when it comes to any illness. This is especially true with an illness like COVID-19 which is still being researched and studied on how best to treat it.

We encourage our vendors to post their contact information so that the community can still support them. Our small businesses are hurting this year. Support them as you are able.

JWL will be planning fundraisers to help support our programs here at our community founded and supported library.

Remember that you can support JWL any time of the year and we appreciate that.

As far as having the mercantile in the future? We will.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Kicking 2020 off with a bang!

January has kicked 2020 off to a great start!

January Events
January 15th, Ms. Jennifer did our story time and we read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. After the story we had a craft that the children enjoyed with Peter on a snowy day.

January Fundraiser Status
Our fundraiser completed last month and as I am typing up today’s post, Tennsco is installing the first set of our shelves. It is so very exciting. This will allow us to shift the books and have more space for growth.

Future Events
February 12th at 10:30 am Children’s Story Time hosted by Ms. Kara and Spots Pots Pottery. Check it out at our event page.

February is Black History Month and Library Lovers Month. Come on in and see what we have going on.

Starting February 10th will we start our adult coloring contest. We have prizes from Cuttin' Up Hair Salon, SOS Massage, and White Bluff Car Care. Make sure to check the event page for more information as we get closer.

We would love to host more story times and other activities. We just need volunteers to get it done. Would you be interested in helping?

January New Patrons
In the month of January, we added another 27 more friends. Welcome! We are glad to have you here.

December Circulation
  • 208 books were checked out
  • 77 DVDs were checked out
  • The computers were used 74 times.

December New Resources
We were able to add
World Book Online

Friday, January 17, 2020

We DID it!

We want to thank you, our community. Thank you for supporting your library. We would not be here if it were not for you and your support.

We have had a successful fundraiser for our two shelving sections. The second set has now been ordered.

The first set of shelves will be installed in February. These shelves will allow us to shift the books around some and will define our sections more, along with providing room for growth. In addition, we will move our classics section so that it is easier to access. This is so VERY exciting.

The second set of shelves that have just been recently ordered will define our reference and local history section. It will also provide a workstation for patrons to access these materials better.

We love seeing our library grow and we love seeing our patrons use our library. Thank you. We are here for you!

Friday, January 3, 2020

December has already washed away

We had an amazing December this year.

December Events
December 12th, we had Santa and Mrs. Claus come and visit with the children for story time and pictures. IT was a grand old time and we were able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of almost 50 children!

December 14th was our Jennie’s Christmas Mercantile. We had a good amount of people come through and were able to do lots of Christmas shopping. We are already planning on next year’s event. We would love any feedback from those that were vendors and those that shopped the sale.

December Fundraiser Status
This month we did it! We started raising funds in October for two sets of shelves. We were able to order the first set in November. The order for the second set will be going in next week! This is very exciting for the library. While the first set of shelves will be in our fiction section, the second set will be with our genealogy and local history section and include a workstation.

Future Events
January 15th at 10:30 am Children’s Story Time hosted by Ms. Jennifer

We would love to host more story times and other activities. We just need volunteers to get it done. Would you be interested in helping?

December New Patrons
In the month of December, we added another 23 more friends. Welcome! We are glad to have you here.

December Circulation
206 books were checked out
47 DVDs were checked out
2 CD-books were checked out
The computers were used 59 times. This is really good considering it is the month of December and our patrons were traveling, not to mention the weather.

We do anticipate some growth in January while we are picking up some of the normal traffic that goes to the Dickson County Public Library. We are so excited they are getting their new building! It is much anticipated.

December New Resources
We were able to add 50 more resources to our collection this past month. 18 were new and we added several CD-books. Thank you for making this possible.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Jennie's Christmas Mercantile

Season's Greetings Everyone!

It is the most wonderful time of the year and we are bringing to you some amazing vendors that have holiday gifts ready for you!

Our Christmas Mercantile is Saturday, December 14th from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. We do still have some booths open and the fee is $40.

As of Noon on December 6th, these are our vendors:

  • Thirty-One Gifts, Whitney Williams
  • Damsel in Defense, Martha Downing
  • Season Frost Art
  • Lorraine's Unique Jewelry, Music & Cards
  • Trina's Creations
  • Pink Zebra, Barbara Donnelly
  • Bee Creative & Beadit
  • Author, L.A. Smith
  • Ariel Inspired, Susan Dawson
  • Color Street, Rebecca Clinard
  • Mary Kay, Joyce Waggoner
  • ToJo Creek
  • Doterra, Lynn Wheatley
  • Partylite, MaryAnn Parish

To our community and patrons, PLEASE come out and support this fundraiser. We value the time and energy that our vendors are bringing for this event. 

There will be many different things available at the mercantile, sure to be something for everyone. Come out, bring a friend, and tell a friend.

The most up to date information can be found on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

November was fast!

Seems like just yesterday I was typing up the monthly weblog for October, but here we are.

November had a lot going on with Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving along with the NaNoWriMo.

November Events
               For NaNoWriMo we had 2 writers take on the challenge. And it was a challenge. Both writers learned a lot about themselves and how research when writing can determine how well the story is developed.

               This was a month long event with special days to get together. It was enjoyable. Next year we hope to have many more involved. (Stayed tuned for a Facebook poll at the beginning of the year.)

               We had a Thanksgiving themed Story time this past month as well. Our director enjoyed reading to the children and then making turkeys.

November Fundraiser Status
               At the beginning of the month we met the $500 match and were able to order the first phase of our new shelves. WE CAN NOT WAIT!

               We have an immeasurable amount of gratitude to those that have already donated and contributed. Thank you!

               We currently have $505 towards phase 2. Just need $495 more to get the second set of shelves ordered. It would be awesome to reach our goal before the end of December.

               We are hoping the first set will be here before Christmas. It is SO very exciting. (Just think, more room for more books!)

Future Events
               December 12th from 4-6 we will have craft and then StoryTime with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Our favorite jolly couple will be here at 5. We do request a $10 donation per family.

               December 14th from 10-4 is our Jennie's Christmas Mercantile. Several vendors will be here with MANY different gift items Please make sure to come and support them.

               In January we will be having a Story Time hosted by Ms. Jennifer. Look out for more information concerning that.

               (Would you be interested in hosting a story time for our kids? They really love it. It would involve reading and a small craft. Let us know!)

November New Patrons
               We made new friends in November! 23 new friends to be exact. 13 adult friends and 10 juvenile friends. We are glad to enlarge our library community.

November Circulation
               213 books were checked out! Way to go guys.
               47 DVDs were checked out. Do I hear movie night? We have a LOT of movies to choose from.
               6 CD-Books were checked out. These are awesome for our commuters.

               70 Computers were used. So very glad that our community can come and use the computers and access the Internet for free (just need a library card). We have seen our patrons apply for jobs, look for places to rent, work on schoolwork, and a lot more.

               Unfortunately, since January 1, 2019 we have 44 items overdue. Please make sure to return your items so others can use them.

November New Resources
               We added 51 new resources to our collection in November. 18 were purchased new the rest were donated. Thank you!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Thank you! Don't Stop

At the end of September, we shared the post - We are growing, and you can help.

The gist of the post is that our library is growing and we need to add shelves in our fiction and our genealogy/local history areas.
Current display area where shelves
will be added in

So an awesome update!

The Friends of White Bluff offered a matching grant if we raised $500 towards are goal. On November 8th we reached $500 making our total $1000. We notified Tennsco and ordered phase one of our shelving.

We are looking forward to getting the new shelves and filling them.

Phase one of the shelving will add shelves in the fiction area. Currently it is where we have had a table with displays on it or our used book sale. (Never fear, our displays/book-sales are just relocating to other areas that are better suited for them.)
Non-fiction shelves

The shelves we will be installing match what we have used with our paperback books and our nonfiction books. These shelves will allow much needed space for our existing collection and continue to allow us to grow.

As you are able to see in the pictures, the metal shelves are tall and provide a lot of shelving space. This is great to add to our fiction section as we grow and have room.

We aren't finished, though.

We still are eager to get the shelves in the genealogy and local history section completed with a workstation. We are still working toward getting another $1000.

We have recently had people stop by looking into the history of the county and while they were able to take the reference materials to our sitting area, they would have loved it if the workstation was already in place.

How can you help?
Paperback shelves and Fiction

You can donate at The Jennie Woodworth Library in person. (We can take cash or check.)

You can participate in our fundraisers. The Jennie's Christmas Mercantile is December 14th 10-4 here at the Bibb-White Bluff Civic Center. Our story time on December 12th with Mr. & Mrs. Claus is also a fundraiser. ($10 donation per family suggested)

You can spread the word!

The Jennie Woodworth Library is supported by our patrons and community partners. We could not do what we do without you as a rural library. We appreciate everyone that contributes to our library and the programs that we are able to provide to the community.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Goodbye October! Hello November.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoorWe had a fun October!

There were several new additions to our library. Including 2 new volunteers! If you are here when Melba or Wade are, please give them a great big welcome! (We really love our volunteers! They are what keeps us going.)

The Johnson Family also had a work day and moved things around in the library to make a seating area for our patrons to be able to sit and enjoy the ambiance of our library. We also have tables and chairs that can be used for work or study.

October Events –
Story time for the Not So Scary Costume PartyWe had a Not So Scary Costume Party where several came out and were wearing their costumes. We appreciate Stephanie Crowder and Molly Hawkins doing the story time and craft. We had 37 in attendance.

October Fundraiser Status -
We are also doing a fundraiser so that we can add more shelves. Our overall goal is $2000. Currently, The Friends of White Bluff has committed $500 towards our goal as long as we get $500 raised on our own. As of this posting, we are at $460. Just need $40 more to get the match.

The great news here? Once we have $1000 we can proceed with phase one of the shelving.

Jennie's Christmas Mercantile December 14Future Events - 
In December we are having the Jennie's Christmas Mercantile December 14th from 10-4. We have openings for vendors and all the information is on the Facebook Event, Jennie's Christmas Mercantile

October New Patrons –
               We welcomed 26 new patrons. 8 Juvenile and 18 Adult. It is so wonderful to have new patrons of our library. We want everybody to know we are here and are a valuable resource to the community.        

October Circulation –
               319 books were checked out! Way to go guys.

               57 DVDs were checked out. Do I hear movie night? We have a LOT of movies to choose from.

               13 CD-Books were checked out. These are awesome for our commuters.

               71 Computers were used. So very glad that our community can come and use the computers and access the Internet for free (just need a library card). We have seen our patrons apply for jobs, look for places to rent, work on schoolwork, and a lot more.

               Unfortunately, since January 1, 2019 we have 48 items overdue. Please make sure to return your items so others can use them.

October New Resources –
               We have 62 new/new to us items added into our inventory.  48 Books, 7 DVDs, and 7 CD-Books. This is made possible by our community supporting our library. Of these additions, only 14 were purchased brand new. We appreciate the donations from our community.

               We accepted gently used materials that are in good condition. Currently we would really like to add to our CD-Book collection. There are many commuters in the area that enjoy listening to books while driving.

November Events -
November Event Calendar at Jennie Woodworth Library
Make sure to check out our events this month. We are proudly a Come Write In location for and will be having a couple events associated with it. We also have a story time coming up too.

We will see YOU at the library.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We are Growing and YOU Can Help!

We are growing!

Because we are growing we really need some more shelf space.

The amazing thing is we have space to put new shelves and local business Tennsco is able to accommodate these spaces. We just need YOUR help.

When we have needs we depend on our community. You are our community.

The area we want to add shelves is where the display table currently sits. This will add room for more fiction books, free up space to better accommodate our new purchases and allow for more CD-Books.

We LOVE that we are growing!

This is a wonderful problem to have.

 The other area that we want to add shelves to is our reference and genealogy section. We want to be able to provide a pullout workstation for those that are researching.

We feel this will be an amazing addition to our library.

This comes down to us coming to the community. We would love to be able to do BOTH shelving units. We need to raise the money though.

Our goal is $2000.

Would you be willing to help?

Donations can be made at The Jennie Woodworth Library via cash or check. Checks will need to be made out to The Jennie Woodworth Library and marked in the memo that the donation is for the shelves. We apologize that at this time we are not able to accept credit card payments.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Book Sale Reminder

We do have a book sale currently going on in our library. Make sure to stop by the Jennie Woodworth Library to see what is available. The books do change often. The current book sale will end in September or when all the books are sold.

 We have many children's books that are available for sale. Make sure to look through them for your young reader.

Preschools and homeschoolers alike may even find some books here that they can put to use.

Hardback books are $.50, paperback books are $.25 and thin paperbacks are $.10

There are lots of early reader books ready to go! These books are located on the table as you are walking into the library from the Bibb-White Bluff Civic Center Lobby.

Venture further in to our library and you will see just past the circulation desk, an assortment of hardback books that have been weeded out of the system. These books are still in good condition and a steal at only $1 each.

Next to the hardback books are DVDs that we weeded out from our collection that were duplicates. This is to your advantage once again at only $1 a piece.

At this time we are able to accept cash or check for payment.